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CM Systems Inc. - Phone 417-862-5393
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Have you purchased a Construction Disbursement application from one of our competitors' and it didn't meet your expectations? If so, we want to help.

With Disbursal Pro's Competitive Upgrade Program, you can upgrade from any one of our competitors' products.

The Competitive Upgrade Program allows clients who have already invested time and money in competing software to "trade-in" and upgrade to Disbursal Pro at a discounted price over our regular software license. In addition—with one exception*—the discounted price applies for two years!

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid only for end-users.
  • The 30% discount applies to the first two years only of the annual subscription price. Commencing the 3rd year, the annual subscription returns to full price.
  • Verification of ownership of the competitive product is required.
  • *For businesses using Quickbooks® to manage construction disbursements: the 30% discount is applicable to the first year only.

How do I get my competitive discount?

If you want to take advantage of this competitive upgrade, please contact our Sales Department with the information about your current disbursal software.

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